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exKey Cable and Supply

3 Benefits of Ordering Electrical Supplies from Key Cable and Supply

  1. Key Cable stocks an enormous inventory of electrical materials and tools, from the commonplace to hard-to-find items, in our 15,000-sq.-ft. warehouse in Perrysburg, Ohio. At Key Cable, we carry everything you’re likely to need, when you need it most.

  2. Key Cable is a DBE [Disadvantaged Business Enterprise] registered with the Ohio Dept. of Transportation and many Ohio cities. EDGE certified, Key Cable can help you procure your particular goals

  3. Key Cable has a proven track record of reliability, successfully supplying millions of dollars of electrical goods in Ohio to federal- and state-funded construction projects (click for a partial list). In fact, we can say for certain that we are the most reliable DBE supplier in the state of Ohio.

Key Cable and Supply delivers expert service to our customers in every phase of a project, including bids, estimates, product specifications, purchasing, organizing delivery, and invoicing.

How Our Position in the Electrical Supply Industry Can Benefit You

While we are a small supplier with many competitors, we have secured our success by stocking unusual and specialty items and by working with (and not against) our suppliers, who often send us referrals. For you, our customer, this means getting the materials and equipment you need, when you need it, at a fair price.

Member of the Ohio Contractors Association